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The system allows easy access of the information from the field and updating of interventions.
From this field, with a couple of clicks (a photo before and one after the interventions), the professional can certify that the work is done. This information cannot then be manipulated or passed to another employee / resource, there is no loss of time, work it is not duplicated (approximately 30 to 45 min is saved) for each professional, all interventions are recorded and a report can be prepared to help where necessary (pruning report, report on completed activities and alerts of those that are upcoming, report on the deadline for the work, report on daily activities etc etc).
Cost reduction
Information on completed actions is collected only once, this allows for the optimisation of resources. To date, there is no other system available that collates all of the actions and activities surrounding each palm tree. With Palms Protection System there is no more need for each professional to complete separate paperwork, it is all recorded through one easy to use system.
The data is loaded only once, (in real time) and remains in the cloud where it can be accessed as and when it is necessary. Time is saved, human resources are saved and, of course, all of this translates into cost savings.
Reduction of criminal and civil liability
All companies that own or manage the maintenance of palm trees have a legal obligation to record all maintenance actions for each palm tree. Should an accident happen involving the palm tree these companies are required to show a record of the maintenance carried out. Our system holds all data in the cloud and can not be modified, therefore having legal value. The data can be certified and used as evidence to prove the company has carried out the maintenance correctly and is not liable.
Additional functions
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Customize report
Report activity individual or for group, personalized for users /areas/ and much more.
Easy to install and use
High usability and easy to install even for the daily activities.
Multi users
Unlimited user assignment, role manager with different permissions according to the authorization / charge / and power of each user

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Desarrollada para uso multi-sistema

Vídeo Presentation 
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it is a galvanized sheet covered by vinil garantized 5 or 8 years that is placed around the trunk of the palm trees, adapting itself to the size of the trunk. The closure system is a bi-adhesive industrial velcro, a protective rubber is placed on the high and low edge of the sheet to prevent cuts during the laying phase of the sheet and to minimize the effects of the elements. It also carries a QR CODE or TAG NFC, to identify the palm tree uniquely, to read and update the data of the interventions made in the palm trees.

  1. Its smooth shape defends the palm tree from rat attacks: the rats cannot grip the surface of the ring and are unable to reach the heart of the palm tree where nesting can affect the health of palm trees.
  2. The ring can include pesticides and insecticides to defend the palm, or the outer ecosystem, form bug infestation (optional).

It has a QR CODE/TAG NFC combined with an APP in order to manage and update all the data related to the palms trees. The palms are geo-located and for each palm the following information can be read and updated:

1. Date of last pruning of the head of the palm tree.

2. Date of last trimming of the trunk.

3. Review of the head of the palm tree (state and date).

4. Review of the trunk of the palm tree (state and date).

5. Last date of phytosanitary treatment.

6. Phytosanitary products used.

7. Name of the pruner.

8. Tools used in the work.

9. Symptoms of fungi in the palm tree.

10. State of hydration of the palm tree (type of irrigation).

11. Name of the phytosanitary operator.

12. State of the palm tree.

13. Review of palm leaves (status and date).

14. Registration of pruning transport.

15. Name of the driver and current permit for the transfer of pruning to the landfill.

16. Accreditations of operators.

17. Census number of the palm tree.

18. Location of the palm tree.

  • 1.       Natural enviroment respect: Our range of ecological paint colours have been selected in order to ensure a minimal visual impact on the surrounding landscape.
  • 2.       Health and safety: A closure system that adapts to the trunk avoiding drilling and damage to the palm trees and rubber protection at the edges to prevent professionals and members of the public from injury.
  • 3.       Technology: An innovative APP based on QR-CODE or NFC technology that allows you to easily and quickly manage, update and read all the information related to the plant directly from the field, saving a lot of time and human resources in data management. Professionals who work on palm trees with a couple of clicks load the information directly into the cloud and a process that allows to the information not be modified.
  • 4.       Integration: With an API system all the data created and managed with our APP can be integrated with others applications created by our clients.
  • 5.       Management: Upload / manage / update information and being able to view it in real time reduces maintenance costs as human resources.

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